Welcome to Purposeful Poker!

If you are looking for ways to improve your poker game, you have come to not the right place, but a right place.

Purposeful Poker is not going to teach you the rules of whatever game you want to play. It is not going to provide you with starting hand charts or solver solutions. Purposeful Poker is going to offer you powerful and effective ways of learning that you can use to get better at your game, now and for as long as you follow them.

The methods of Purposeful Poker are those of purposeful practice and deliberate practice.

As time goes on and this site grows, you will be properly introduced to these methods of efficient skill-building. For now, though, let me point you to an article by Nat Eliason about purposeful practice and deliberate practice that outlines the methods and how powerful they are.

Come with me on this amazing journey. If you do the work and don’t quit you will become a better poker player.